March Madness Party Guide

March 17, 2019

With March in full swing, everyone is getting together to pick their favorite teams for the big college competition. Here are some fun basketball themed party tricks which are sure to be a slam dunk at your March Madness party.


Every March madness party needs a bracket to keep track of who’s playing who. It’s more fun to watch the competition play out game by game. Before the competition starts, write out a bracket on a large piece of foam board you can get at any craft or office supplies store. This way you can fill it out as the competition plays out. For an added activity, print out your own personal brackets to pick out who you think is going to win. As the competition goes on, see who called the games right.

Three Pointer Contest

Get into the spirit of March Madness by shooting some hoops yourself. Get together with your friends before the game starts and warm up with a three-pointer contest. Whoever wins gets bragging rights for the rest of the party until the next contest! Cool off after a heated three-pointer contest with the Wipe Out Waterslide to make sure everyone can relax and enjoy the big game.  

Referee Jersey

Keep the party moving at a clip with a referee jersey and a whistle. Being a referee is the best way to ensure that your party will be full of three-pointers of fun. If anyone changes the channel from the game, call them out with a party foul. You can easily find a referee jersey on Amazon or at a Sporting Goods store.  

March Madness Bingo

Make some custom Bingo Boards to fill out as the game goes on. It’s fun to watch for layups, dunks, and three-pointers and see who will win Bingo. You can choose your favorite parts of every basketball game, from exciting baskets to blocked shots and even snatched rebounds. The bingo squares can be more creative, to even spotting fans wearing wigs or if a player runs into a cameraman. You can find mockup bingo boards for March Madness on websites such as Pinterest if you’re looking for inspiration for how to fill out the boards.

Concession Area

Make your living room into a basketball stadium by putting a concession stand over the table with of the food. You can find blank banners at Walmart or other craft sales  This is an easy way to make everyone get the excitement of watching the game in person from the comfort of your own home.

Basketball sliders

Everyone loves sliders. Take your favorite buns and food safe markers and draw cross stitches on the bun to make those buns into basketballs. You can get food safe markers at Michaels or equivalent craft stores. Place your favorite sandwich fillers or mini hamburger between the buns for a fantastic basketball themed snack.

Basketball Oreo Pops

Oreo’s are the perfect March Madness treat, especially Basketball Oreo Pops . Simply place a Popsicle stick into the cream of an Oreo and freeze for five minutes. Then take an orange candy coating wafer until it’s fully melted. Dip the Oreo’s into the orange coating mix and shake off the excess coating. Take a black candy coating wafer and microwave until melted and place into a piping bag. Once the Oreo’s have cooled, pipe basketball lines onto the Oreo’s and cool in the refrigerator for five minutes. Everyone will love these easy to eat fun Oreo basketball pops.

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