6 Fun places to Host a Birthday Party

February 18, 2019

Do you need to find the perfect place to host your child’s upcoming birthday party? Whether it is at a local park in town or even in your own backyard, here are some different ideas for party locations that would be perfect for your child’s special day.

Your Local Park

family in city on a picnic
Booking a birthday party at a park is easy. All you have to do is show up with party decorations, birthday presents, and a party attitude. You can have food delivered, or can grill your own food if there are barbecues within the park. Kids will love being able to play games and celebrate your child’s birthday within the extra room a park provides. With so much room to celebrate in, why not rent a Dazzling 5-1 combo unit bounce house and slide for a party in a park.

Art Studios

Does your child love the arts? It is easy to find a pottery or painting studio which offers group lessons for children’s birthdays. Some offer birthday packages where they will come to your house with all of the painting supplies needed. Others allow you to rent out their studio and they
will teach your child painting or pottery. You get to take their awesome art home with you afterword. It is easy to find the best studio that teaches your child’s favorite art.

Bowling Alleys

bowling alley
Bowling Alleys are a classic birthday party location. From your youngest, to your oldest party guest, everyone will enjoy competing with their friends for who can get the most strikes. There’s even food available at most bowling alleys and they’ll allow you to bring in your own birthday cake. A party at a bowling alley will be, without a doubt, a perfect game.

The Zoo

small girl in red jacket with polar bear
Have a party at the zoo to make this upcoming birthday unforgettable. The Fort Worth Zoo offers birthday party packages that make your birthday dreams come to life. Some of these birthday packages even include a Giraffe feeding. All of the birthday party options include a room rental and admission to the zoo for everyone to enjoy. You just bring yourself and your child, a sense of adventure and, everything else will be taken care of for you.

Community Centers

Community Centers have great party packages that make a party easy to throw. There are so many great activities at a community center, like swimming, basketball, and other sports. They often offer pizza, one half of a sheet cake, and a room to throw the party in. There’s a party host available to run the party and help keep an eye on all of the children having a blast at your party. If you don’t have enough room in your own home, community centers are a great place to throw a party with everyone you love, in a place close to your house.

Your Own Home or Backyard

blue and yellow water slide
Sometimes hosting at home is really the best idea. Everything about a party at your house can be just the way you want it. The guests arrive when you want them to, the food is served when you want it to be served and you don’t have to coordinate getting to another place. Throwing a party at home allows you to be able to decorate to the theme exactly the right way. Another great advantage of a backyard party is renting a waterslide like the Wipe Out Waterslide to make a splash at your party.

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