Five of the Best Waterslide Moments from Movies/Television  

January 7, 2019

During the winter we all miss the warmth of Spring and Summer and the creative ways we cool down when it’s hot out. Water slide scenes from some classic movies and T.V. shows can remind us of how fun it is to cool down in the sun. Here are five classic water slide scenes from the summer which you can enjoy all year.

Columbia Pictures

Grown Ups

The movie Grown Ups is a feel good comedy from 2010 starring Adam Sandler. It has a classic water slide scene, where the dads, the littlest kid, and everyone in between, has fun on a water slide. The whole family having fun is something priceless and yet possible, even in your own backyard.

Orion Pictures

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a bit of a throwback to the late 1980’s, but it’s water slide scene is still iconic. This goofy buddy comedy ends up at a water park called Waterloo where everyone enjoys a ride down a water slide, especially Napoleon Bonaparte. Share and enjoy a classic 80’s comedy and get a water slide when the temperatures start to heat up.

Disney Channel

Stuck in the Middle: Stuck in the Water park Episode

Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle focuses on the Diaz family, specifically their seven year old daughter Harley Diaz and how she navigates living in a large family. Season two opens with a family trip to the water park. Georgie, one of the older children in the family, needs some encouragement to enjoy the water slides in the park, but ends up having a great time.  

Fox Television Studios

Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle is one of Fox’s best ever television shows. In season one the family goes on an outing to a water park and everything that could go wrong does go wrong. The food is expensive and gets ruined, the water slides are big and scary, and above all its crowded. Renting a water slide for the backyard is easy. There are tons of styles and sizes to accommodate any party theme, we are fully state inspected and insured, and bring the fun right to your backyard. You can enjoy watching this episode knowing you can inflate a the fire and ice water slide in your backyard for all of the thrills of a water park without the long lines.

Warner Bros

The Goonies.

While there is not a strict water slide in the movie, this iconic scene of the group of kids who star in this 1980’s children’s thriller sliding down a river searching for lost pirate treasure, is still a treat. The sense of adventure in the movie from the water slide is something everyone will love. Your kids can take part in a grand adventure as well, sliding down our log mountain wave water slide or pirate shipwreck slide, just like they saw in The Goonies.


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