3 Steps to Keeping Your House Warm and Summery during the Christmas Cold

December 3, 2018

There is no better way to get into the holiday season than with a perfectly decorated Christmas tree. When it’s cold outside, the heat we have most of the year can feel like a distant memory. Don’t worry, it will always heat up again in Texas. In the meantime here are some fun, summery Christmas tree ideas and refreshing themed treats to help keep you warm in the cold after working hard to get your tree ready for the holiday.

  1. Preparing the House

This is an easy way to set the mood for decorating your Christmas tree. All you need is two oranges, a cutting board, a paring knife, one package of whole cloves, and a cookie sheet. First, preheat your oven to the lowest heat setting it can go, (usually 220 degrees fahrenheit). Then slice the oranges into half inch slices and place directly on the cookie sheet. Place a small piece of clove on each slice of orange. Put the sheet in the oven for 2 hours before turning the slices. Then leave them in the oven for another two hours. The dried oranges will smell tropical, and the cloves will smell just like Christmas. It’s the perfect smell for spiffing up your Christmas tree.

  1. Plunge in!  

Do you miss swimming outside during the cold months? It’s easy to decorate your house using your favorite pool toys. All you need is a round green or red pool float and a roll of either red or green taffeta ribbon. Wrap the ribbon diagonally around the pool float to get it into the Christmas spirit. The perfect pair of shoes to go with your poolside wreath is a pair of flip flops. You can use those to decorate as well. Take a new pair of green or red flip flops and decorate them with your favorite Christmas glitter, and fake mistletoe from your local craft store. Make sure to buy as many bunches as you have flip flops. After letting them dry, you can add them to your collection of tree decorations that are sure to make you and your tree have the coolest tree in the neighborhood.

Want a alternative to a Christmas tree? Decorate a pineapple instead! You can hang Christmas tree decorations off the top of a Pineapple to fit the summer weather you miss. Don’t forget to add sunglasses. Shades are the perfect final touch to your Christmas pineapple. You can even eat your Christmas Pineapple tree for dessert. Mix your chopped pineapple with one 8 ounce container of cool whip. Place the mixture on a graham cracker crust and let it sit for two hours in the fridge. This easy no bake dessert is so refreshing and delicious.


  1. Cooling off

Nothing cools you off better than a big glass of melted snowflakes. Amp up your holiday fun by labeling your water melted snowflakes. It’s fun refreshing treat that everyone decorating the tree can enjoy. Extra touches like this one can make your Christmas tree decorating party extra special.

If you combine these tips and your own decorating experience, there is no way that your house won’t be ready for the holidays. Everyone in your house is sure to have that extra pep in their step with these fun decoration ideas filling the house with Christmas cheer and summery warmth we’re all going to need more of once the winter sets in.


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