5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Luau

June 3, 2019

Everyone loves a Luau, it’s a way to get their family and friends together. The Luau began as a feast in ancient Hawai’i to commemorate a large life event. The meal is named after a traditional dish made of chicken and taro leaves cooked together in delicious coconut milk. The tables were decorated with large palm leaves and other plant decorations and everyone ate with their hands! The luau has changed a bit since Hawaiian royals threw them, but here are some ways you can still incorporate the island-style of celebrating right in your backyard.  

Set the Mood with a Tiki Head Grand Entrance

There’s no better way to start a Luau than with a Tiki Head Grand Entrance. You can find beautiful Tiki head coverings for your front or side door to set the mood. Once your guests step through that head, they will be immersed into the Hawaii themed party. After they enter the backyard give each guest a lei to wear during the party. This necklace is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone at your party.

Light up the Yard with Tiki Torches 

Keep the party going all night with Tiki Torches placed around the yard. You can find many cheap Tiki Torches for a low price at any home goods store like Lowes or Home Depot. These torches not only light up the backyard but keep the island mood through the fun flames. Take care when placing them in the ground and make sure they’re sturdy so you can enjoy your party worry free. Another way of lighting your backyard is through citronella candles. Not only with these set the mood at your luau, but they’ll keep uninvited mosquitoes away from everyone so they can enjoy the evening bug-free.

Pig Roast with an Outdoor Oven 

A pig roast is an essential part of any Luau. If you have an outdoor oven or are looking for a good excuse to buy one, bust it out to cook a whole pig that can feed all of your family and friends. Just as the royals of Hawaii brought all of their family and friends together to celebrate, you can continue in their tradition by roasting a whole pig outdoors surrounded by the Luau spirit. If you don’t want to bother with a whole pig roast, you can easily get barbecue from your favorite barbecue spot and keep it more Luau with the sides. Potato salad, poke, and even baked sweet potatoes are great side options for your party.

Luau Waterslide

Make a splash at your Luau by getting a waterslide. Sliding into a cool pool of water is an unbeatable way to feel like you’re really in Hawaii. This is the next best thing to an expensive vacation to the islands and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your backyard. 

Hawaiian Ukulele Music 

Load up your favorite playlist of Ukulele tunes or find a playlist on a streaming service to soundtrack your event. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can purchase a Ukulele and learn some simple songs. Having a Ukulele around with a simple chord chart can be an easy way (if you already play guitar) to keep the Luau theme going. You can also use this opportunity to get the kids enthusiastic about learning an instrument when they see how easy and fun it is to play a few chords on a Ukulele. 

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