6 Ways to turn your backyard into a Waterpark

July 8, 2019

With Summer heating up fast, it can be hard to keep you and your family cool. The Waterpark is great but it can be such a hassle to make a whole day out of it. In 2019 it can be easier to take the Waterpark to your own backyard. Here are six easy ways to transform your backyard into a Waterpark. 

Slip n Slide 

Slip n Slides are a Summer classic. All you need to set up a slide in your backyard is a hose and one Slip n Slide. Hill or no hill in your backyard, your kids and their friends will be able to cool off all afternoon long. Douse the kids with the hose on their way down the slide for extra water fun. You’ll have to shut the hose off to end the party. 

Kiddie Pool 

Pools are an essential part of the water park experience. An inflatable pool is easy to set up and even easier to enjoy. Just inflate the pool and fill it with water. There are even hard-shelled options of kiddie pools that don’t need inflation. Be sure to keep an eye on the kids when they’re enjoying the pool. Like waterparks, your backyard will need comprehensive supervision to make sure everyone stays safe.

Rent a Waterslide  

Renting a water slide has never been easier. There are many companies now who can bring and set up a large inflatable water slide which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own backyard. Avoid those famous waterpark lines by bringing the slide to your own backyard. With many options to choose from, you can pick the perfect slide for your children and their friends to enjoy. 

Sno Cone Machine 

Another important part of the Waterpark experience is the delicious snacks you can get at the Waterpark. Sno Cones are the tastiest way to cool off when the heat hits triple digits and you’re worn out from slipping and sliding all day. There are so many different flavors so there’s a treat for everyone, even the adults in the yard will enjoy a sno cone.

Grill Concessions Food 

As the day goes on, it’ll be dinner time at your backyard waterpark. What’s better than grilling up everyone’s favorite concession treats in the sun. By keeping the food in your own backyard you can make it healthier than all of the fried foods found in parks. Instead of french fries, you can serve a salad. Instead of chicken tenders, you can serve a grilled chicken sandwich. Or you can keep it classic and stick to your child’s favorite foods like hamburgers and hot dogs. Either way, it’s up to you when the party’s in your own backyard.    

Recliners/Lounge Area 

While the kids enjoy the waterslide and sno cones snacks, there should be something relaxing for all of the adults. Set up some lounge chairs, a big sun umbrella, and pretend you’re at the beach. With the kids busy playing in your own waterpark, it’ll be your time to relax. With the smaller size of your backyard you won’t have to find search for your kids in case they go missing. So kick back, enjoy the day, and watch as your kids and their friends have a good time from the convenience of your own backyard. 

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