Fun and Easy Ways to Host a Gender Reveal Party

April 8, 2019

When you’re expecting, your family and friends expect to find out which gender your child is. Here are some exciting ways to celebrate the new life in your family and to add to the excitement of finding out which gender the child is. Your gender reveal party is sure to be a splash with these fun ideas.


Inviting people to your gender reveal party can be really easy. by sending an electronic Invitation, or send a paper invitation, use a neutral color as the background. On the invitation, encourage your guests to wear the color they think the gender of the child will be. Wearing pink or blue is an easy way to get your guests involved in the surprise. 



Keeping everyone hydrated is very important especially if the party will be held in the warmer months. Serving Pink Lemonade and Blue Rasberry is Perfect for those who prefer tart and sweet, with these options there’s something to keep everyone happy.


It’s said that girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. So are your favorite cupcakes. Decorate them with both blue and pink icing to represent each gender. Or if you want to get really creative with it, decorate your cupcakes with half blue icing and half pink icing, if you don’t want to make them yourself you can order them at a bakery near you. Calling a day or two ahead is always a good idea to make sure that you will end up with the perfect cupcakes for your special day.


Something for the Older Siblings 

When older siblings are involved, it can be difficult learning to share the spotlight with a younger sibling, especially when that sibling isn’t even born yet. A great way to get older siblings excited about their younger sibling to come is a fun T-shirt. You can order a T-shirt that says a slogan like “either way it goes I’m the big bro” or “whoever it is, I’m the big sis” for the older siblings to wear the day of the party. This way they get excited to learn more about their little sibling and everyone sees how much they are looking forward to having their little sibling in their lives. 



Everyone loves Waterslides. Combine the two with the Wild Splash Slip n Slide inflatable. This waterslide easily fits in your backyard and elevates your gender reveal party from exciting to thrilling. Great for everyone no matter which gender the baby turns out to be, all children can celebrate with you in the fun Inflatable Wild Splash Slip n Slide. 

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