5 Ways to Enjoy Labor Day

September 9, 2019

Labor signals the end of the summer and back to school for the kids. There are so many things to get in before the weather turns. Beyond wearing your white jeans one last time before they’re out of style, here are five ways to get the most out of your Labor Day weekend.

Tasty, Patriotic Breakfast 

Celebrate the patriotism of the day with an easy, delicious treat. All you need is some toast, strawberry jam, a banana, and a small package of blueberries. Cut the banana into slicers and cut those slices into half moons. Then, spread the strawberry jam onto the toast. Place nine blueberries in a square on the top left corner of the piece of toast. Then take the banana pieces of place them in rows across the rest of the toast. Then you have American flag toast and a tasty treat to start your Labor Day off right. 


A time tested way to signify the end of summer is to squeeze in one last barbecue. Up to 60% of Americans celebrate Labor Day by throwing a barbeque. Before all the kids go back to school, invite all of their and your friends over to celebrate the end of an amazing summer with an equally as amazing barbecue. The extra day off is a great excuse to low smoke a brisket, or just relax and grill up some burgers and hot dogs. Either way, your labor day barbecue will be a hit! 

Patriotic decorations 

Labor Day is a day to be proud of the United States and all that its workers have accomplished. A great way to do this is to show your pride by hanging up patriotic decorations. Those can include tiny american flags to place among the food, and even flag banners to hang around your backyard barbecue. Another way to show your American pride is to have red white and blue plastic silverware. That way everyone can choose their two favorite colors and between the whole barbecue, the backyard will be eating with the colors of the American flag. 


While it’s still hot out, rent a waterslide to make your Labor Day party stand out. Rather than going to the pool or the beach, let the kids—and maybe the adults—at your party cool down using a waterslide in your own backyard. This way, all you have to do to prepare your barbecue is to set up your backyard. There’s no rush to clean up and no need to drag all of your party supplies from one location to the other. Live the spirit of Labor Day and take a day off to barbecue and party from the comfort of your own home. 

A nice way to thank the workers among us is to bake cookies and leave them at the nearest fire station for the firefighters to enjoy. Or to leave a simple gift like that at the workplace of your choice. Please remember to appreciate everyone working on Labor Day and enjoy your hard earned time off.  With the right decorations and actions spent on labor day, you can feel proudly patriotic as you celebrate the end of summer. 

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